Tips for Making a Great Video

Make your story compelling!  Think about the shows, videos, and teachers you find engaging.  How do they capture your interest?  Use those techniques.

Below are some tips to get you started!

Boy making a frame with his hands
Girl holding clapboard

Strategies for Success

  1. Research – Check your facts. Use our U.S. Rice 101 resources to help create accurate content for your video.  There’s more information at
  2. Get Creative – Think outside the box!  Use a unique approach that gives a fresh perspective.
  3. Plan & Prepare – Before you start filming, brainstorm ideas, write down notes, and then create a storyboard and script to help serve as a guide while you shoot and edit your video.
  4. Good Camera Work – If using a phone, film horizontally (unless it’s a TikTok video, of course). Think about the lighting and sound for your subject.  Be deliberate in your framing — a messy floor or distracting background can weaken your message.
  5. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute – Give yourself time to plan, prepare, practice, create, edit, and upload your video.
  6. Grown in the USA – If you show rice in your video, make sure it’s grown in the USA.  Look for the Grown in the USA logo or the words “product of USA” or “grown in the USA” on packages of rice.
  7. Check the Rules – Make sure your video is 3 minutes or less.