U.S. Rice 101

Rice is a staple food for most of the world and it shows up in just about every cuisine there is.  There are actually thousands of rice varieties and we grow the most popular ones right here in the U.S.  From long grain to Jasmine, and from short-grain to Arborio, if you Think Rice, you should Think U.S.!

Start your exploration of this mighty grain at ThinkRice.com where you can meet farmers, learn about production and nutrition, and search hundreds of recipes.  There won’t be a pop quiz later, but if there was, you’d ace it.

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Sustainability & Conservation

The U.S. rice industry’s commitment to sustainability dates back generations, long before the word “sustainability” became popular.

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Health & Nutrition

Get the scoop on this tiny but mighty grain that’s a nutrient-rich complex carbohydrate packed with more than 15 vitamins and minerals.

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How Rice Grows

You might buy rice in a bag at the grocery store, but it doesn’t come out of the ground that way. Learn how rice makes its way to your plate.

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Where Rice Grows

Nearly 85% of the rice we eat in the USA is grown by American family farmers.

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Meet U.S. Rice Farmers

Let us introduce you to some of the farmers who grew that rice in your pantry from seed.

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Versatility & Cuisine

Rice roams the globe and is an essential component of cuisines from around the world.

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U.S. Rice Facts

Learn more about the home-grown goodness of U.S. rice and why “buying local” is the best thing you can do for our planet.

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